Cast Iron Side Tables // Before and After

I wanted some slim, elegant side tables for our living room, that wouldn’t take up much space but would add some visual interest to the otherwise square and rectangular furniture. I found these on Facebook Marketplace for just $40 for the pair and I really loved the classic shape, the black marble tops, and the fact that the bases were cast iron.

Photo Apr 02, 5 01 33 PM

As you can see, they had a faux antiqued finish, and they were filthy on top of that (I think it was cigarette tar – yuck!). First, I scrubbed them down with Murphy’s Oil soap and a sponge to get most of the dirt off. Then, I primed the bases with KILZ latex primer, which is my go-to primer, especially when I’m painting over something that might bleed through and I need the stain-blocking capability. Then it was two coats of flat black paint (Black BLACK by Behr in Matte), et voila. A quick, easy, and satisfying makeover.


And, the before and after:

Photo Apr 02, 5 01 18 PMIMG_2928 (2)


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