Powder Room: Before and After

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Our powder room is finally finished! It took us about 10 months total, and it was finished in October of last year, but I’m finally getting around to posting it. If you want to hear the whole story with all the problems we ran into and the decisions we made, read this post!

Here are all the before and afters. We bought the house when it was abandoned and did what we had to to make it clean and liveable before moving in. This was one of the worst rooms to live with until we could renovate it (we had another renovated bathroom to use), so we are so happy that it is finished and such a joy to look at.


Marble hex tile floor


Outside Corner Trim

Inside Corner Trim

Flat Trim

Brass Wall Sconce: similar by the same maker

Brass Toilet Handle

Faucets: Strom Fuller Faucet Set — discontinued

Paint Color: Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel in Satin, Pink Shadow by Sherwin Williams

Fringe Hand Towels: Old Bed Bath & Beyond — Here is a similar one

Outlet Plates: Kyle Switch Plates GFCI Outlet Plate and Push Button Switch Plate in raw brass finish with Push Button Light Switch

Vintage: Marble Corner Sink, Wooden Mirror, Brass Mirror, Blue and White Ceramic Box, Burgundy Shelf, Tissue Box, Vase, Floral Sink Skirt, Botanical Prints

One thought on “Powder Room: Before and After

  1. You guys did an amazing job as always! I know it might be a bummer that the sink remains stained, but it does show your commitment to honoring the house in all it’s tenses. Can’t wait to see more rooms unfold under your caring touch!

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