A Simple Vintage Bench Refresh

This project didn’t take any special skill, but it turned out so cute that I wanted to share.

I found this bench as part of a moving sale via (where else?) Facebook Marketplace last spring. The 80’s brass finish was peeling and there was some rust on it, and the upholstery was a sickly shade of purple. When I finally got around to fixing it up, it was covered in cobwebs.

unnamed (12)unnamed (13)

I vacuumed everything, took the seat off, rubbed the frame with fine steel wool to get off any bumps and rust, and washed the frame. Then I gave it three coats of Rustoleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish in Gold, then two coats of Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel. I recovered the seat with this beautiful, high-quality faux suede I got from a remnant sale at Townsend Leather.

(I went back and forth about how to paint it. I knew the gold and dove gray fabric would look pretty, but wouldn’t it look adorable painted light gray with the matching gray fabric in a little girl’s room? The swoopy shapes on the frame are so whimsical, and bring to mind rainbows.)

I am planning to sell it, but here is how it looked in my dining room (I can’t get enough of gold tones against that wallpaper), and in my (mid-renovation) hallway.

IMG_4384 (2)IMG_4385 (2)IMG_4386 (2)IMG_4387 (2)IMG_4388IMG_4389 (2)IMG_4402

And the before-and-after:


She looks the same, just freshened up, right? I love to see something old look new again.

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