Blue Doors

I love seeing subtle, unexpected details like colored doors in an otherwise neutral house. The black door trend is especially gorgeous, but doesn’t work with the decor in most of our house. Our upstairs hallway/landing is large and strangely shaped, with five doors, and I wanted to make it a little more interesting. I started the project of painting the doors a muted, almost chambray blue sometime last year, and just finished! But in a perfect world, this would be an ideal weekend DIY project. The blue is the same color that runs up the stairway wall opposite the landing (seen here), Blue Cashmere from Valspar. I really love how it turned out; it adds a little something interesting to an otherwise boring part of the house. I also added letters to G and H’s doors in navy, which G was pretty excited about. Here’s a little trip down memory lane to see where the hallway started.

When we moved in, the hallway was wallpapered with a gold and ivory damask that had yellowed and peeled over the years.



Then, we had the hallway drywalled.


And then, we had the floors done and I painted all the walls and molding, but left the doors for last.


8972015-08-13 10.32.272015-08-13 10.32.592015-08-13 10.32.41

That’s when I decided they needed to be a little more interesting than plain white.

2016-04-04 13.40.25Picture12016-04-04 13.41.222016-04-04 13.41.542016-04-04 13.42.06

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