How to Make a Console Table Skirt

Putting a TV in our living room was never really a question – we are a family that likes watching movies together on the couch – but I wasn’t super excited about the aesthetics of it. Since this house doesn’t have a separate family room, we had to make it work. I thought the best way to make the wall with the television look more formal was to put something traditional and polished underneath the TV. I’ve loved inverted box pleat table skirts for a long time and I think they look especially striking on a long, skinny console table where the shape is accentuated by thick tape trim.

These are my inspiration photos:

Christopher Nutter via AD
Tobi Fairley

I partnered with for this project, and chose this gorgeous green European linen and this polished khaki trim.

I shared the start to finish process of making this skirt on the blog if you’re interested in seeing how I did it!

And here is the finished table skirt! I’m very happy with it – it was a challenge but I feel like it makes this corner of the living room look so much more put together. The colors will also be a great jumping off point for decorating the rest of the living room once we start on that.

I also made this video tutorial of the process if you’d like to watch!

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