What I’m Loving Now // 9.1.17

This has been a really productive week, thanks in part to THIS new planner I found!


I originally wanted this one from C. R. Gibson (recommended by Katie Blythe), but it is currently sold out. I loved that the whole week is shown, alongside a weekly to-do list, and a priorities list. That setup would really help me to see the big picture and understand how my daily tasks were fitting into my weekly and monthly goals. The Moleskine planner is a great second option because it has a large notes section next to the week in full, where I can easily write out my weekly goals, to-dos and priorities.

bare dare

I recently picked up this nail polish in a true nude shade called Bare Dare and I loved it. It’s perfectly neutral and classic, so it looks great with everything you wear. It just looks really clean and polished and effortless to me. I’m going to wear it for the rest of the summer and fall!

dawsons creek

You guys — I feel like I’m one of the few people on the planet who never saw an episode of Dawson’s Creek! It feels like I’m missing out on an important cultural reference. So, even though it was created for 15-year-olds of the late 90s, I’ve started watching it recently, and I’m kind of loving it! I do enjoy a good teen TV drama (Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls – I could go on). At first I was firmly on team Joey-Dawson, but now I’m quickly coming around to team Joey-Pacey.

the last tycoon

I am shamelessly revealing that I watch too much TV in the evenings, but I have also recently watched the first season of The Last Tycoon – which was produced by Amazon – and I am obsessed with it! It is based on the last, unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it has that sparkly glamour suffused with tragically flawed characters that he is known for. The set design and of course the fashion was gorgeous, and the characters had me hooked (Matt Bomer, Lily Collins, and Kelsey Grammer were wonderful in their roles). I really hope Amazon renews it for a second season!

rebecca de ravenal

I’ve seen Bradley Agather Means of Luella and June¬†wear these earrings by Rebecca De Ravenal all summer and I have really started to love them, but I can’t really justify spending $300 on a pair of trendy earrings. I know this might be controversial to some people, but there are knockoffs at Target and on Amazon, and I snagged a pair in yellow! I love the fun, poppy look of them and I can’t wait to wear them out to dinner sometime soon.



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