Inspired by: Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are one of those great design elements that fall in that sweet spot of being completely classic and versatile (they can fit in with almost any design style), but also surprisingly affordable.

I love that they are usually so light in color but also resist staining, because light rugs just make a room feel so much more bright. I love that they can be layered to gorgeous effect with smaller, richer and more detailed rugs (which is also a great money-saving solution). I love that they ground a room in natural textures. I love that they are easy to care for. I love the way seagrass smells (a fresh, grassy smell) and the way jute feels (soft and slightly springy).

But I really appreciate that they look equally classic and complementary with so many styles.

With other earthy neutrals:

earthy neutrals

In a layered, textural, traditional space:

layered textural traditional

In a fully traditional living room:

very traditional space

In a modern dining room:

modern space

In a chic Paris apartment:

parisian apartment

I especially love how Mark D. Sikes and Lauren Liess use natural fiber rugs.

Mark D. Sikes uses so much texture in his traditional and classic spaces and the rugs fit right in, offering a casual element to more formal skirted furniture and pristine antiques.

mark sikes 2mark sikes 3mark sikes 4mark sikes 5mark sikes 6mark sikes 7mark sikes 8mark sikes 9mark sikes

And Lauren Liess’s rustic, earthy, pared back yet textural spaces, which perfectly marry modern and traditional elements are grounded perfectly with sisal, seagrass or jute rugs.

lauren liess 2lauren liess 3lauren liess 4lauren liess 52016 Idea Houselauren liess 7lauren liess 8lauren liess

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