Mid-Century Chair: Before and After

This chair was one of the first pieces of furniture S and I bought when we moved in together, and it’s one of the pieces we will probably have forever. We picked it up from an estate sale at a local business for $10. There were four of them, but we only bought one (!!!), which I still regret! I remember seeing another shopper stuffing the other three into her car when we were walking out into the parking lot (smart lady). It’s such a classic, clean, mid-century shape, with a beautiful solid wood frame that’s in great condition. I didn’t even mind the mustard-yellow color of the cushions, but the fabric was definitely showing its age. I did a quick re-upholstery job over the top of the perfectly sewn original cushions this summer to freshen them up. Eventually I would like to have it professionally reupholstered in the same style as the originals (there are seams along the top edge of each cushion, like miniature box cushions, instead of just one piece of fabric stapled in the back, which is what I did).








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