Laundry Room Makeover

One of my favorite “bonus” rooms in our house is our laundry room/pantry. The room is more of a hallway with a low ceiling that is off of the kitchen. It has one window, a small sink, a spot for the washer and dryer, and a set of built in shelves with doors, and leads to the coat closet and the cellar door. When we moved in, the room was painted a yellowy-beige, there was an old window that opened inward (meaning it was impossible to open with the washer and dryer there), the cupboards were the original orange-toned wood, and the floor was the same brown outdoor-style wall to wall carpeting as the kitchen.

We took the rug and old vinyl tile up when we did so in the kitchen, and continued the white octagon and dot tiles from the kitchen straight through the laundry room. We also took off the old pair of shutter-style doors that were on the laundry room, because it is more convenient for it to be open, considering how many times we go in there every day. And, we replaced the old window when we updated all the windows in our house in 2014. Here it is after we finished those steps:


We still had to address the cupboards, the chipped trim paint, the damage from replacing the window and the yellowy walls. We also had to find a solution for storing our microwave and toaster oven, which were taking up prime real estate on top of the dryer. I hate for appliances to live on countertops, so we decided to put shelves on the wall adjacent to the dryer to hold those. We painted the walls, trim, sink cupboard, pantry cupboards, and radiator in Swiss Coffee by Behr and used flat black for the closet and cellar doors, the radiator platform, and the sink countertop to tie in with the kitchen cupboards.


The pantry cupboards were painted with high gloss paint inside and out, which made them instantly feel so much more organized. I also updated the hardware with simple silver knobs in a satin finish to match the kitchen. I like how the silver mixes with the old brass hardware in the room.IMG_0296

The shelves for the microwave and toaster oven fit perfectly in the corner above the radiator. We used simple black brackets from Home Depot, reminiscent of the ones holding our open shelving.IMG_0297

I love the look of black doors with white trim, so I decided to go ahead and try it in this room because it ties in well with the kitchen (all white with black countertops and cupboards). I love the way it came out, especially since it makes the old brass hinges and doorknobs stand out. Steve had the idea to use the hooks to hold our pots and pans, which freed up a ton of cupboard space. I love the look of it and it’s so much more functional than trying to stack mismatched pots and pans in a cupboard. IMG_0299IMG_0300IMG_0301IMG_0303

The room looks SO much brighter now with the lighter paint everywhere. It helped a lot in a room with only one window and such low ceilings!IMG_0304

We stored all the laundry detergents and stain removers in a simple square basket from Target that we already had, and updated the hardware on the little cupboard underneath the sink as well. IMG_0305IMG_0307

It’s amazing what a difference a little paint can make! This room is such a cheerful place to be when I’m cooking or doing the laundry now. Here are some before-and-afters for fun:


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