Danascara Kitchen: Before and After

When we bought Danascara Place, the kitchen was in bad shape. We knew we wanted to “make it work” with the existing cabinets and layout. At first, we called it our “phase 1 makeover” because we anticipated a larger renovation in the near future. But as we progressed, we realized we were doing a lot to make the kitchen a room we could love for many years. We still have dreams of what we could make this room someday by restoring a more original layout (as far as we can determine it), opening up the glass French doors to the side porch (which are still existing on the outside), and rebuilding the butler’s pantry (using the old cupboard faces that are in the basement) – but that will require a full gut remodel and layout changes to make it exactly what we imagine. For the time being, we are more than happy (thrilled really!) with what we have made out of this 1980s builder basic turned abandoned house kitchen with lots of patching and paint, some creative carpentry, new appliances, and special furniture and fabric choices that make it feel cozy and welcoming.

9 thoughts on “Danascara Kitchen: Before and After

  1. You both should be so very proud of your accomplishments. Your kitchen is stunning and your love and excitement for your home shines through. Congratulations on such a wonderful job and kitchen. I so enjoy following along and am excited to watch the next project. Happy holidays to your beautiful family.

  2. Amazing! It has been exciting watching this makeover. Thank you for sharing the process. Can’t wait to watch for the next project you take on. Take it all in and enjoy the holidays with family gathered around in this beautiful space.

  3. Simply beautiful!! With much skill, imagination, creativity, and hard work you have made a wreak into a cozy and functional place for your family to enjoy for years. Great job!

  4. Such a warm and inviting kitchen. I love the beautiful details in every corner. Thank you for sharing the progress.

  5. Love everything about your stunning kitchen. You’d put so much love and ideas in recreating a new home, I’m absolutely overwhelmed.

    Best from Germany!

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