Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has become my new favorite day of the year. What’s not to love about an excuse to celebrate and reflect on the life-affirming, awe-inspiring thing it is to be a mother? There is such a great camaraderie in motherhood, knowing¬†that all the other parents I see feel the same love for their babies. It makes the world seem like such an amazing place.

Here are some beautiful photos of mothers I’ve come across to inspire you today:

mom 1mom 3mom 5mom 6mom 7mom 8mom 10mom 12mom 13mom 14mom 15mom 16mom 19mom 20mom 21mom 22mom 24mom 25mom 26mom 27mom 28mom 29mom 30mom 31mom 32mom 33mom 34mom 35mom 36mom 37mom 38mom 39mom 40mom 41mom 42mom 43mom 44mom 45mom 46mom 47mom 48mom 49pregnant 1


All photos found via Pinterest.


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