Life Lately

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks enjoying this little face:


And this funny, smart, almost-two-year-old:


I have a lot of thoughts on the transition from one to two  kids, and some difficulties I’ve faced, but I’ll write more about that when I’m out of the thick of it and can organize my thoughts a little better!

I was able to finish the bones of baby Harrison’s room before he arrived: stripping wallpaper, removing carpet, patching the walls, painting the walls and cleaning the floors. I also made a new cushion and pillows for this mid century daybed I found last summer and a few floors pillows for lounging in there, added a long dresser as changing table, and hung these blackout curtains from Target.

When we brought him home it looked like this:


And I recently switched out the carpet to this one that used to be in Graham’s room:


And, here are a few peeks into our house lately, via my Instagram:


I’ll be back with our laundry room refresh and a few easy DIY projects soon!




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