La Piscine

Watching High Society led me into a binge on classic movies, and I finally saw one I’ve been meaning to see for a while: La Piscine.

I had heard many times that the fashion in the movie was great, and that was definitely true. I was also happy to find that the storyline was really original and slightly creepy in the best way. Here are some photos from the movie, and some of the two gorgeous lead actors Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

la piscine 1la piscine 2la piscine 3la piscine 4la piscine 5la piscine 6la piscine 7la piscine 8la piscine 9la piscine 10la piscine 11


romy 1romy 2


alain 1alain 2alain 3alain 4alain 5

All photos found via Pinterest.

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