I happened to watch Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly the other day, and I immediately wanted to see one of Grace’s movies after watching the biopic. So I chose High Society on Netflix. It was a really cute, funny movie and I loved all the costumes Grace’s character wore.

high society 6high society 3high society 1high society 5high society 4

high society 8
UNITED STATES – UNSPECIFIED DATE: Actress Grace Kelly poses for a portrait circa 1950 in the United States of America. (Photo by A787/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

high society 7high society 2

High Society was the last movie Grace acted in before she married the Price of Monaco, and I read that the huge engagement ring she wore in the movie was actually her engagement ring from the Prince. Grace was so elegant both before and after she became a princess, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite gorgeous photos of her.

grace 2grace 3grace 4grace 5

grace 6
American actress Grace Kelly (1929 – 1982) wearing a green dress for St Patrick’s Day, 1954. She is reading a copy of MGM’s Studio News. (Photo by Gene Lester/Getty Images)

grace 7grace 8grace 9grace 10

All photos found via Pinterest.

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