Gift Guide: For Her

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There are certain things I look for when buying a gift for a lady who has great style and is, perhaps, a little difficult to shop for. I try to look for luxurious materials like leather, cashmere, silk, that may need replacing every once in a while. I try to look for comfortable sweaters, slippers, sneakers, wraps that are always welcome in a wardrobe. I think about unexpected colors and details that go beyond the “basic” neutrals she may already own. I think about additions to her home that she may not think of indulging in. I think about little upgrades to the functional things. And if that all sounds too vague to be helpful, I hope you find the perfect thing on this gift guide!

1 – Colorful Fairisle Sweater

Fairisle sweaters are classic and chic, and I love when they come in poppy, bright colors to liven up the winter months. This one is perfect, IMO. I would size up so it’s a little bit more cozy.

2 – Embroidered Flats

File under: something she may not buy for herself, but would be thrilled to own. I love the jewel toned velvet and the embroidery – these feel like adult princess shoes.

3 – Leather Gloves

If she doesnt have a chic pair of black leather gloves for winter, she needs one. I always have a black and a brown pair – they only get better with age (if you don’t lose them).

4 – Tortoise Vase

Every house could benefit from a tortoise vase. I love the different shapes this one comes in for the different sizes.

5 – Silk Pillowcase

This is a great gift on its own or with her favorite hair care products or a gift card to her salon of choice, because silk pillowcases are great for your hair. And it’s always a treat to have a fresh one.

6 – Zodiac Necklace

If you know someone who loves identifying friends by their zodiac sign (secretly me) or never misses their daily horoscope, this subtle gold and mother of pearl zodiac sign necklace is for them.

7 – Cozy Fleece Pullover

How warm and comfortable does this look? I don’t know a woman who doesn’t appreciate receiving something purposely oversized and easy to wear for lounging around the house. And this version is stylish, too.

8 – Fun Sneakers

I have finally come around to wearing sneakers with trousers and dresses – it reminded me of my high school physics teacher for way too long. Now, they’re all I want to wear in the winter. Having a pair with fun colors is a lot of fun to play with, and maybe someone practical won’t buy the colorful pair for themselves.

9 – Sherpa Slippers

I love these slippers because they have a sole and they are slip ons. They get bonus points for looking really polished.

10 – Chic Functional Tote

Everyone loves the classic LL Bean Boat & Tote but this is like an upgraded version with the leather straps and streamlined shape. And if you’re buying for a mom in your life, we can never have too many functional totes.

11 – Skincare Refrigerator

Ever since I saw these little skincare refrigerators on TikTok I have thought they were they ultimate in self-care. And who doesn’t need more of that?

12 – Scented Body Lotion Medley

I love supporting small businesses, and Beekman 1802 is a local company to boot. Their creams are made of goats milk, have indulgent fragrances, and are sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free.

13 – Cashmere Wrap

Completely luxurious, cashmere is always a wonderful treat to receive as a gift. She won’t want to take this off.

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