Gift Guide: For Kids

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Kids are my favorite people to shop for for Christmas. They either know exactly what they want, or they have clear interests that they talk about all the time. Kids are almost always delighted by something special, even if they weren’t expecting it. They never worry about: where am I going to put this? Does it fit in my house? Do I really need it? They just LOVE getting a gift. Here are some special things I think would be great gifts for the kids in your life. A few we already own, a few I bought for the kids this year, and some others are things I think my kids would have loved in the past. I hope this helps you check someting off your list!

1 – Fair Isle Sweater

Classic sweaters are one of those things that I’m always on the hunt for, for myself and the kids. This one has such a great color combination and the motifs are not too Christmas-y, so it can be worn all winter long.

2 – Keyboard Piano with Microphone

With two boys who love singing and music, our keyboard piano (mine from when I was younger) has been a constant favorite. This one is great because it has a play along feature that teaches kids basic songs, and it comes with a microphone so they can sing along or make a little two-person band with a friend or sibling.

3 & 4 – Purple and Blue Rollerblades

I’m not sure where they got the idea, but my boys started begging for rollerblades this summer. We ordered them at the end of the summer and they spent the fall learning to play hockey and generally just cruising around on their rollerblades. It’s such a nostalgic form of exercise (they were all the rage in the early 2000s), I couldn’t help but order myself a pair too. These ones are great for kids because they’re expandable as their feet grow.

5 – Neon Glow Drawing Board

This would be such a great toy to keep in the car for long road trips or even the morning drive to school, if your kids get antsy in the car like mine do.

6 – Shark Bathrobe

This super soft fleecey material is the best material for a robe, in my opinion. If you know a kid who loves to be cozy, introduce them to the robe life.

7 – Liberty Bunny

This is one stuffie you’ll never ask them to put away. I’d include this as part of my bedroom decor as an adult, it’s so pretty.

8 – Magic Treehouse Series

This series is so wholesome and fun. It follows a brother and sister as they time travel through a – you guessed it – magic treehouse. It’s really suspenseful and adventurous and teaches kids about history in the process. Both of my boys and my niece and nephew love it!

9 – Rock Crayons

These are such a fun novelty to stick in their stocking. They’ll be finding every excuse to draw a new picture over Christmas break.

10 – Elephant & Piggie Series

I will always have a soft spot for these books because they are the first books my oldest son was really excited to read. Now my younger son is reading them, too. They are easy for beginning readers, funny, and no pressure to read with their big font and dialogue based storytelling.

11 – Wooden Letters

A great gift for a toddler to help them learn their letters. Bonus points for the pretty bamboo.

12 – Animal Fairisle Sweater

This is the cutest spin on a fairisle sweater I’ve seen and I want to buy it in every size for my boys!

13 & 14 – Dinosaur and Unicorn Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are one of those things that can make an ordinary day into an event. Watching a movie? Do it in sleeping bags for a camp out in the living room. Bring them into bed and do an extra long storytime. You get the idea!

15 – Moma Chess and Checkers Board

A great family gift, this game board is so aesthetically pleasing you could leave it out all the time for impromtu games.

16 – Jewelry Box

I love that this jewelry box can easily go from childhood to adulthood with its chic, traditional design.

17 – Snowman Set

Another gift for the whole family. We are always scrambling to find clothes and decorations for our snowmen in the winter – this is a great excuse to build a whole lot more together.

18 – Star Projector

My boys had one of these (a different brand) for a while and it really transformed our nightime routine into something a little more magical. Their last one stopped working so I grabbed this one to add to their Christmas presents this year.

19 – Flannel Pajama Set

The softest, most classic pajama set. I always buy them a bit big so they can be super cozy and get many months of use out of them.

20 – Ruffled Nightgown

How sweet is this beautiful blue and red nightgown? I love the color combination and traditional detailing. Do they make it in my size?

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