Thrifted Finds // 2.18.18

I’ve picked up a few treasures in the past week that I wanted to share.

A Unique Coffee Table

The first, and definitely the highlight of my week, was this gorgeous kidney shaped vintage coffee table I found via Facebook Marketplace!

IMG_4232 (2)

The piece of marble is 1 inch thick and has gorgeous gray veining. Oh, and probably weighs more than me. I had to call in reinforcements to help me move it (thanks to my brother-, sister-, and mother-in-law!) because it wouldn’t fit in my car/I couldn’t lift it anyway.


The last coffee table we owned was a junky pressboard garage sale find in our first apartment. We never finished decorating our living room at our old house, so getting to the coffee table point here feels like a milestone! I knew I didn’t want square or rectangular (too many bonked heads in this house) and glass would have been shattered immediately (I still want to have chases and dance parties in our living room, of course), so I had been planning to find something round. I hate how most coffee tables look so generic though! So when this one popped up, I knew immediately it was the solution — interesting shape, classic materials (brass and marble are my favorites) and corner-free for the kids. All it needed was a little tightening for the legs and it was good to go. I love the texture and movement it adds to the room, while still being neutral.

IMG_4256IMG_4250 (2)IMG_4337IMG_4333

A Faux Tree

IMG_4323 (2)

Alright, hear me out. If you follow any design bloggers on Instagram (namely — Jenny Komenda or Young House Love) you’ll have noticed the growing popularity of faux plants. If you don’t follow them, take one walk through Target and you’ll start to notice — fake plants are suddenly everywhere (I love this fiddle leaf fig, this fern, and the tiny succulents in the dollar section). If it’s a good one that looks really convincing — to the point that you have to touch it to find out if it’s fake or not — I think it’s a great idea. I do not have a green thumb at all (almost 100% due to laziness and neglect on my part), so being able to have a beautiful tree that adds color and visual appeal I can enjoy every day, without worrying about taking care of it — sounds pretty perfect to me.


I found this at an estate sale (the whole house was straight out of the 60’s and I loved it), for $10. Considering that a large, real-looking faux tree is upwards of $100, I’d call that a great deal. I actually had to walk up to it to realize it was fake — the trunk is so convincing!


An Interesting Vase (Decanter)


I picked up this “vase” at the same estate sale where I found the faux tree, and I was so excited to have something more modern for my dining room, only to be informed by my husband that it’s actually a decanter! That didn’t stop me from putting my tulips into it. I love how it looks, and will likely use it as both a vase and a decanter.

img_4312.jpgIMG_4273 (2)

What have you found while thrifting lately?

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