Thrifted Finds // 10.16.17

I went to an estate sale at a historic inn last weekend, and then I went again this weekend. I used to think going to an estate sale on the first day was the best choice. But now, if I can, I will go on both the first and the last day (or just the last day if I have to choose). While the first day is great if you see something you are really in love with, the last day is when you get the best deals.


The inn had a ton of these cast iron stands that they were using as door stops. The man running the sale said the owner had used them to block off areas of the inn by stringing a rope through the tops. I bought one to use as a door stop because it was so pretty and unique. $2.50!


The sale had an entire room of china and another room full of silver! I really have to hold myself back with china and only buy pieces that I really, really love. These bowls totally fit that bill with the gorgeous green and gold pattern. Six for $4.


I love anything blue and white, and this classic tray was an easy decision. $1


One thing I’m always on the hunt for is original art. I don’t have a budget to buy original pieces new, so when I can find a piece I love at a thrift store or estate sale, I always buy it. I am especially drawn to black and white drawings and watercolor or oil landscapes or seascapes. I was immediately drawn to the way this one was painted, and I love that it is a winter seascape, which I don’t usually see.


I’m helping my mother in law prepare for a Christmas house tour (hopefully I can share more about that soon!). I found these great fabrics — a velvety apple green corduroy, a pile of deep green velvet, and lots of classic red plaid to make throw pillows and to use as draping in vignettes. I also found some heavy grosgrain ribbon to use myself for Christmas decorating and wrapping presents. This was all thrown in a box with a bunch of other stuff, so it came out to only a few bucks for the fabric and ribbon.


Probably my favorite score of that estate sale was finding a whole trunk full of vintage baby clothes with the tags still on them. There were sailor suits, overalls, and retro sweatshirts that were so cute and classic, all in red and blue. Obviously I grabbed everything that would fit one of my boys. Here they are in the sailor suits!




Besides the estate sale, I found a few other treasures, like this lamp from Goodwill. A blue and white ginger jar style lamp can go pretty much anywhere and look chic.


I picked up this set of chairs via Facebook Marketplace. I love the elegant shape and the small scale. I plan to paint them, re-cover them, and place them on either side of the buffet to use as extra seating when we have larger dinners.


But the best deal of all was when I found a stack of old porch spindles and narrow french doors (with the glass painted over) for free on the side of the road. I have lots of ideas for both — I’ll post the projects when I get to them!


5 thoughts on “Thrifted Finds // 10.16.17

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with the old spindles!! I have all the original ones from my front porch!

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