What I’m Loving Now // 10.13.17

How was your week? Steve added some new lighting to the basement (nothing cute — ours is a true basement, not a viable living space, so no photos will be shared hah), and we’ve been plugging away at finishing the built-in bookcases in the living room, some outdoor painting, and we even started the wallpaper in the dining room (updates to be shared soon!). ┬áHere are some things I’ve come across this week that I wanted to share:


I saw this lamp at Target this week, and I’m obsessed. It looks so striking and high end in person. I’m highly considering getting this for our living room (although table lamps scare me with toddlers — will they break it?).


‘Tis the season for pine candles! Probably the only thing that can make me excited for impending cold temperatures is the anticipation of all the nostalgia of winter and the holidays, and the scent of pine is all wrapped up in those early winter memories. I’ve been burning these nonstop and I probably won’t quit all winter.

I’ve been regularly browsing online to find a dress for an event this winter and I’ve been seeing so many pretty things that aren’t right for the event, but I want someone to buy them and wear them to a fun holiday party. That gold velvet looks like it’s from a fairy tale. And the fringe adds such a great dose of drama to a simple, chic black dress — how fun would that be to dance in? Both under $60!


Graham received an Amelia Bedelia book for his birthday in June that he has really been enjoying this week. He kept asking me if we could make lemon meringue pie like Amelia Bedelia does, and Steve seemed pretty excited about that, too, so I gave in. While Harrison slept today, Graham and I made the dough, filling and meringue together (he was in charge of pouring in the measured ingredients and stirring all the things). It didn’t come out as pretty as the one in the picture (I need to try piping the meringue next time), but it was delicious and totally worth the work.

I was craving a vegetarian meal tonight and remembered that I hadn’t made falafel in years. So while the lemon meringue pie dough was chilling in the fridge for an hour, Graham also helped me whip falafel and tzatziki sauce up for dinner. It was so flavorful (I used a generous handful of fresh basil instead of parsley and cilantro, because it’s what we had in the garden) and filling (I am always surprised by how few falafel it takes to fill me up). Try it this weekend if you’re craving something warm and filling that’s a little healthier than a big steak.

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