Shopping List: Back to School

This post comes a bit late, but if you’re like me you might still be picking up clothes to fill holes in your kids wardrobes for the school year.

I wanted to create a roundup of cute clothes for little boys going to school this fall — while there are so many great girl clothes out there, I feel like you have to hunt for the really unique and adorable clothes for boys.

Here are a few things that I really love.



I’m a sucker for a classy cardigan on a little kid — this one has that perfect grandpa vibe in modern black and white. $24.99 at Old Navy.


Graham is OBSESSED with Halloween this year, so this sweatshirt from H&M would be right up his alley, all year long.  $9.99.


Graham actually used to own this sweatshirt (he has grown out of it), but I would definitely buy it again. It’s such a cute, fun twist on a comfy staple. $11.49 from Mud Kingdom on Amazon.


I’ll never tire of stripes on stripes. $12 from Old Navy.


This sweater has a retro flavor that I love — plus it is warm, bright and cheerful — perfect for those long winter months that are fast approaching! $19.99 from Mud Kingdom on Amazon.


Crewneck sweatshirts are a great alternative to sweaters to layer over collared shirts — it looks smart and laid back at the same time. $9.90 from Uniqlo.


Also retro-inspired, this boyish twist on classic fair-isle is adorable. Graham, for one, would beg me to wear this. $21.99 from Mud Kingdom on Amazon.



These come in so many beautiful colors. The two colors above are the perfect fall hues and would look good with everything. $12 at Old Navy.


I love H&M’s kid clothes — the pants are always so well tailored and look so modern. Isn’t this teal the prettiest? $9.99 at H&M.


Joggers look so cute on kids — they look like miniature adult figurines. $16.99 at Old Navy.



Any time everyday-wear feels like a costume is a time that kids are happy to get dressed! $6.39 plus $4.99 shipping from Sunbona on Amazon.

R jacket

A fun letterman jacket with our last name initial is so cute. $39.99 from H&M.


This vest would make any outfit instantly stylish.  $24.99 at Old Navy.


Can you tell I’m into retro-inspired classics for kids? Every kid needs a yellow raincoat! $20 at Old Navy.



These high tops would look so stylish with a pair of slim cut pants or corduroys. $34.99 at H&M.

mixed media shoes.jpg

I love the mixed media on these ones. $22 at Old Navy.

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