What I’m Loving Now // 9.15.17

A few things I’ve loved this week…

amanda knox

Steve and I finally watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. I’ve been waiting until he could watch it with me because I thought it would be too creepy to watch alone, and… he fell asleep! But it wasn’t too creepy to watch (considering that it is about a murder trial). When Knox’s case was in the media, it was really hard to keep up with the facts amid all the conjecture and conspiracy theories in the media (the curse of our time, I think!). It was really interesting to hear how much the media actually influenced public opinion in Italy, and how the prosecutor’s questionable ideas about Knox influenced the case against her. If you loved Making a Murderer, you will love this.


I don’t usually eat a lot of bread or sandwiches, but I made an exception this week when we made these Steak and Brie Sandwiches with Chimichurri from Martha Stewart and wow, I was glad that I did. They were so simple and fresh and delicious. We don’t use brie cheese much (except for baked brie appetizers around the holidays), but I think I may be a convert. It was so melty, rich and delicious with the steak. Try these this weekend, you won’t be sorry!

Screenshot 2017-09-14 at 9.57.30 PM

I have become a huge fan of Katie Blythe’s Instagram account lately — she is a mother of three boys who posts about home design and lifestyle, and she has so many great tips that are right up my alley (trying to maximize productivity/build a business while caring for little guys as a stay-at-home-mom while attempting to live a life that is both beautiful and efficient! Very specific and difficult combination — but she seems to be doing it well, so I’m a big fan). Anyway, I had a lightbulb moment when she posted a challenge this week, to get up two hours earlier (5AM) to give yourself dedicated time to achieve your goals before the hectic day begins (or before your children wake up!). I absolutely love this idea. Anyone who is a mom knows — you only have naptime and after bedtime to get anything real done, and it can be so frustrating, especially when you’re trying to stay present with your kids when they are awake/don’t want to be trying to get little snippets of work done while you should be with them. And now that Graham is not napping anymore (he stopped a few months ago because he wasn’t going to bed until nearly 11 every night!), I really need some dedicated time to write blog posts and work on house and furniture projects. This is becoming a really long explanation, but long story short, I’m going to try waking up early to be productive, and I’m really excited about it! (Just have to wait until Harrison sleeps through the night — he’s getting four molars and he’s been up 2-3 times a night!)


Steve surprised me with a new laptop for my birthday in August, and I just started using it this week (anyone else want to save new things forever so they remain pure and untouched?). It’s an Acer Chromebook 14, and I really love it! I’m still getting to know how it works, but it’s fast, has great battery life, and I like the variety of apps you can download through the Chrome web store.┬áIt seems like all of the programs or apps you use are based online (you use Google Docs instead of Word, Google Slides instead of Powerpoint, etc.). I still have to find a good editing program for photos, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!


It’s tea season! Every fall when the weather starts to get chilly, I get a craving for tea. It’s such a great way to warm up without filling you up too much (like coffee does), and the experience of brewing it and waiting for it to steep and holding the hot mug with a sweater over your hands while it cools down enough to drink is almost therapeutic. My favorite teas of all time are from Harney & Sons. Every one I’ve tried is so aromatic and delicious, and the packaging with the little tins is so beautiful. This one and this one are my favorites.


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