Shopping List: A New Day at Target

I was walking quickly through Target the other day and stopped short because I saw a rack of clothing with really smart, restrained design. It turns out it was Target’s new line A New Day. The great thing about this line is that it is made up entirely of well-designed basics and basics with a twist — the latter of which is definitely my go-to clothing category. Check out some of my favorite picks below (all so affordable!):


I love the subtle detail of the embroidery on this denim jacket.┬áIt looks really well made and tailored, but the simple message is like one of those super tiny tattoos. It’s a little surprise but it still looks really elegant.


These shoes look so much more expensive than they are! That ultra-feminine embroidery against the super-stark all white shoe is showstopping.


These also come in black but I am partial to this gorgeous emerald green. That kind of color makes an outfit — it would look perfect with everything from a graphic tee to a striped oxford blouse to a slouchy sweater.


I can’t get enough of statement-sleeve tops. It’s such an easy way to create a dramatic look, but it feels just as comfortable as any regular blouse. This also comes in white.


plaid pants

I am into both of these pieces separately because they look like the fit is great, but how good would they be together with a pair of black pointed pumps? I’m really into the idea of a matched suit for formal events instead of a dress. Check out the blazer here and the pants here.


This shirt is what immediately caught my eye when I saw this line in stores, and it’s still my favorite piece. I just love the juxtaposition of feminine, artistic embroidery with a clean, classic menswear shape.

tie shirtdress.jpg

I love a tie-waist shirtdress but the sleeve detail on this definitely takes it up a notch.


An army green military jacket is definitely a classic at this point. This is a great version with the edgy detail on the sleeves.


Any outfit would benefit from these beautiful boots — a tshirt and jeans, black slacks and a white button down, a floral dress. Leopard is a neutral!

I’m also really interested to try their super opaque tights and seamless leggings this winter. Great fitting yet inexpensive basics are the holy grail of shopping for me.

Check it out online or in stores — there are so many pieces, I just featured my favorites here. I’m really excited about the direction Target is heading with its new lines (Project 62 is also great), being that it’s one of my main shopping destinations (hello Mom life!).



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