Inspired by: Twin Beds

Every time I see a bedroom with two matching twin beds I get a little twinge of excitement.  I think the symmetry is what makes the look so catchy. The room can be covered in layered, patterned textiles, but having two perfectly matched mates makes it all look so purposeful and harmonious. It’s such an ultra-traditional look but also so practical for sleeping multiple people in a bedroom.  Probably the cutest version of twin twins is in a kids room. It looks like the most fun way to spend nights with your siblings, and the matchiness seems like it would make it look put together even when it was a mess. Since I found out I was having another boy, I have been scheming to eventually have them both share a room with – surprise! – matching twin beds! It will be quite a while before both of them can sleep in twin beds, but in the meantime I have developed quite a cache of inspiration and wanted to share some of my favorites here:


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