Inspired by: Chinoiserie Wallpaper

I really want the decor of our new house to feel like cross between a sleek and glamorous French apartment and a toned down/modern version of an English country house. Sound confusing? I think so, too. To clarify, I’m thinking of beautiful, quality finishes like detailed molding and beautiful hardware in a very casual, inviting environment. Nothing feels precious, but everything looks rich and touchable and gorgeous. In drawing inspiration for this look, I’ve been really drawn to wallpaper — something I had not really considered using in the past! After receiving Mark D. Sikes book Beautiful for Christmas (this book is a literal treasure trove – full of gorgeous, aspirational spaces that I will draw inspiration from for years!), I was especially drawn to chinoiserie-style papers such as those by de Gournay and Gracie, which Mark uses in many of his designs. I’m currently searching for the best approximations of these gorgeous works of art in my price range — not easy! But for now, here are some gorgeous spaces with the real thing:


Sources: HereHere, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here


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