Two Inspiring Homes

I hesitated posting this house because of that terrible rug, but the perfection of all the other finishes and the minimal, modern meets traditional vibe won me over. That stone is a showstopper and I never get sick of modern lighting with detailed traditional architecture. The same goes for ghost chairs next to a wood table with patina. But the main thing this home has inspired me to do is search for an antiqued mirror and antique copper pots – I love both anytime I see them in a home.


Another from Desire To Inspire, this gorgeous house has exactly the vibes I’m going to try to infuse into our new house (hopefully I can share more on that very soon!). The exposed wood on the ceilings, planked walls and wood floors give a homey, textured backdrop to the scene. I love that most of it is neutral but it feels really rich because of the layered textiles like the thick curtains, woven blinds, and upholstery in velvet, chintz, ticking stripes and other subtle prints. An added bonus is the indoor-outdoor feel of it all with the windows and doors thrown open and light streaming through. I would love for my house to have the same comfortable, welcoming feeling, like a big hug – the kind of house that looks more stunning when it is a little lived in with pillows on the floor, books open on a chair and breakfast on the table until noon.



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