Now that Harrison is almost six months old, I am starting to see how great it’s going to be to have two boys so close in age. It makes all the challenging parts of having two babies so close together worth it!


Harrison has been pulling himself across the floor for toys and holding himself up on his hands to watch everything we are doing for the past month. It must be because I have less time to just hold him and carry him around, but he’s so much more independent than Graham was at his age! And, I┬áremember saying the same thing about Graham, but Harrison is such a happy baby. I love waking up in the morning to his huge gummy smile (no teeth yet!).


(Excuse all the blurry iPhone photos — These moments of brotherly love have to be captured spontaneously!)



He has also been getting so much more social, listening intently and babbling “answers” as someone talks to him and smiling and laughing at things that we do. I’ve noticed that he’s especially enamored with Graham and Leia, which is adorable. He watches their every move and will even start laughing if they are doing something silly.

Graham has just started to catch on, and will do things purposely to make Harrison laugh. If he sees Harrison reaching for a toy, he will give it to him and say, “Here Harrison, have a block.” He especially loves correcting Harrison if he is doing something “wrong” like throwing toys or running into something in his walker. He’ll say, “No, Harrison, no do that, please!” Oh boy.


It’s so fun to catch a glimpse of how their relationship is blossoming! Graham never showed direct jealously toward Harrison, but he definitely felt the shift in the family dynamic when I had less time to spend with him during the day. He was sometimes weepy and definitely clingy at bedtimes and in public, but pretty much ignored Harrison unless he could “help” with something, which I let him do as often as possible (grabbing a new diaper for Harrison or picking out his pajamas were two favorite tasks). I knew once Harrison started to interact more, Graham would be excited, and I’m so glad I can actually see it now!

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