Thrift Store Finds: September

Anyone who knows me knows that I love thrift shopping. Spending time sorting through a bunch of terrible things to find something amazing, and paying almost nothing for it, is definitely my idea of time well-spent. From books, to home goods, to clothing, I find so many treasures at antique stores, estate sales and plain old consignment shops. And while I like saving money, it’s even better that I can do something small to recycle and reuse.

Because getting great deals is so exciting to me, I wanted to share some of my finds each month! This month, I only stopped by a small, local thrift store once, but I found lots of great things.

I could never have enough fisherman-style sweaters. The ivory goes with everything, the chunky stitching looks rich yet still casual, and they are always so cozy. This one below has the best navy and gold details on the cuffs. I’ve already worn it twice!


These pants still had the tags on them (best thing ever). I love a good pair of printed, wide-leg pants for a casual day at home with the kids. In these in-between fall days, they are great paired with a warm sweater.


This sweater still had the tags on it, too! (Who are these people who buy clothes, never wear them and bring them to the thrift store? I wear things as soon as I buy them or I return them. I don’t have the self-control to save new clothes for a special occasion!) It has the perfect boxy shape that looks great over a crisp white or blue button down with jeans, and I love the peekaboo stripes for that layered look, too.


This dress may have also had the tags on it. I picked it up for my sister because it was a petite size, and too classic and pretty for me to leave it there (for a meager $4!).


As I was leaving I spied this giant basket and made a beeline, because giant baskets are so versatile but usually so pricey! After looking at it I figured out it was actually a pet bed, but decided to grab it anyway, because why shouldn’t pet beds be pretty, too? Luckily, Leia actually loves curling up inside it to sleep every night. And, I love how neat it makes her sleeping spot look now. Win-win!


(I have to admit I don’t let her sleep on that vintage camp blanket, her blankets are just too ugly for photos!)

Now I’m in the mood for thrift shopping. Can’t wait to share my next finds!

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