Three Favorites: Instagram

When it comes to inspiration photos, I am addicted. I used to have folders filled with beautiful homes or great outfits on my desktop. Thank god for Pinterest, or my computer’s memory would probably be gone by now. But recently I’ve been surprised that a lot of my home inspiration is coming from Instagram. Here are three of my favorite accounts for gorgeous interiors and exteriors right now:


I came across Julia Brooke’s account via Emily Henderson, and I was (quietly) blown away by the perfectly pared down rooms of her home. Her warm, subtly layered style blows the concept that minimalist homes are bland and cold out of the water. I especially love her kitchen with one long open shelf and a massive table/island, and her modernized traditional black staircase.



The gorgeous (mostly) traditional homes featured on this feed are so nostalgic and charming. Since we are house hunting right now, I could look at house exteriors all day. I love studying the different architecture and seeing what draws me to a house, and what little extra touches take a house to the next level.



Beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful lifestyle. I love this designer’s rustic boho vibe and her backyard is serious #goals. As pretty as her house is, I would probably never go inside with that gorgeous pool set into the hillside! I really love the way textures are layered throughout, with so many gorgeous wood tones next to beautiful linens and other printed textiles next to rough hewn stone on the outside and whitewashed walls on the inside.


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