A 5-minute DIY

While I love it when my house looks put together, I don’t like the look of a picture-perfect matchy-matchy decorating job where all evidence of a family’s daily life are stored away. An elegant lived-in feeling is always my goal. But with kids, the elegant part of that formula is definitely a challenge! I do try to edit G’s toys every few months to keep them from spilling over their storage spaces, but I also try to find ways to keep his toys out in the open in ways that look nice. Coloring is one of his favorite activities, so I always keep his crayons and colored pencils in a pretty container on the built-ins in our living room next to a big roll of pale blue paper (a lucky Goodwill find).


G is always really proud of his drawings and sometimes wants to save them. This might be the sappy mom in my talking but I love the way his colorful, amorphous scribbles look — almost like modern art! (haha)


A family member recently suggested mounting clipboards where I could hang up his creations and change them out periodically. Great idea, right? I found pretty dove gray clipboards in the $1 section at Target and hung them with picture nails in a little pass through area between our kitchen, bathroom, sunroom and dining room. It took literally five minutes and it makes me so happy to walk past G’s artwork throughout the day.


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