Spring Wardrobe Updates

The H&M spring catalog just came in the mail and there were quite a few standout pieces that caught my eye.


This fringed sweater might be the perfect summer sweater. It would look great over shorts, leggings, trousers, jeans, a midi dress, or even a swimsuit. Plus it’s a statement piece that is comfortable and subtle — my favorite combination.

I love sailor pants and seem to be seeing them everywhere lately. If these have the right fit, they would be my ideal version (navy and gold).


I love the embroidery on this jacket. It looks so much more expensive than it is, and is definitely one of those special pieces that could transform lots of outfits in your current wardrobe.

These ivory fringe shorts are tailored and playful at the same time. I could picture them with a black t-shirt for running errands or a silk blouse for a nice dinner.

This has been the most ubiquitous warm-weather heel for a few years now, and for good reason. These would go with everything in my closet.


When I was in college, you wouldn’t catch me dead in a one-piece. I love that there has been such a resurgence in this classic style for a younger audience — the minimalist versions with open backs are so modern and sophisticated. Plus, they look great with jean shorts or button-ups on the beach. Black and Striped.

A lot of the off-the-shoulder tops appearing everywhere for this summer are a little too boho for me. This one is clean, minimal, and classic. I like that you can untie the bottom so it can hang freely, more like a normal blouse.


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