33 Weeks

I was 33 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday (the photos above were taken at 28 weeks), and I’m reaching the point where I CANNOT WAIT for the baby to come. Just like when I was pregnant with G, I can’t stop starting intense house projects (like removing wallpaper in multiple rooms and refinishing furniture) that I am delusional enough to think I can finish in the next seven weeks! But I’m suspending my rationality for now and just letting myself be excited that we are going to have a sweet, tiny newborn in the house again in less than two months. I have been pinning a million baby photos lately, so I thought I’d share some lovely little angels today.

baby 1

baby 4baby 7

baby 10.jpg

baby 19baby 21baby 22baby 25baby 26baby 27baby 28baby 29baby 30baby 31baby 32baby 33baby 34baby 35baby 36baby 37baby 38baby 39baby 40baby 42baby 43baby 44baby 45baby 47baby 48

baby 49.jpg

baby 52mom 17




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