S and I recently watched the documentary Iris, on Netflix, about the famous style star Iris Apfel, and we both (surprisingly) loved it. Her style has always seemed a little bit over the top to me, but I fell in love with her while watching the film because of who she is as a person. She is so kind and loving, and she has had amazing experiences in her life. I actually didn’t know that she was an interior and fabric designer by trade, the owner of Old World Weavers along with her husband Carl. (Her and Carl’s relationship is a very sweet theme in the documentary, and I was heartbroken for her to find out that he passed away a little less than a year after the filming ended.) I loved hearing Apfel’s refreshing, undramatic views on fashion and life in general as she talked about her travels and her accessory and clothing collections. She has so many amazing pieces that she collected during her trips over the years; everything she has, she loves, and she has a story about. That is my ultimate goal with my clothing collection (as I think of it), is that as I age, I will collect pieces that are beautiful, that bring me joy, and that have a story. Anyway, I highly recommend the movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Here are some fun photos of Iris (I love her signature round eyeglasses!), and the final quote from the movie (which I love).

Iris 2Iris 3Iris 4Iris 5Iris 6Iris 7Iris 8Iris and CarlIrisIris quote

All photos of Iris via Pinterest.

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