Fall Ready with J.Crew

I’ve been in kind of a blogging slump since we got back from our family vacation to Greece at the end of August, for a couple of reasons. I think I needed some time out to decompress after that exhausting but wonderful trip (which I will post about soon!). And, we’ve jumped right into a lot of intense house projects that I’m excited to document sometime in the (hopefully very near) future!

Since I posted last, Fall has definitely arrived in the Northeast and I am excited to wear warm layers and rich autumn colors. I recently got lost on Vogue.com looking at older J.Crew fall/winter runway collections and was so inspired by all the great layering/ unexpected color combinations that J.Crew always delivers! The Fall 2011 collection was particularly great, and now I’m excited to (try to!) break out of my mostly-neutrals safe-zone a little bit this fall.

jcrew fall 2010 jcrew fall 2011 2 jcrew fall 2011 3 jcrew fall 2011 4 jcrew fall 2011 5 jcrew fall 2011 6 jcrew fall 2011 jcrew fall 2013 2 jcrew fall 2013 jcrew fall 2015 2 jcrew fall 2015 3 jcrew fall 2015 4 jcrew fall 2015

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