Front Door Inspiration

I’ve been waffling trying to decide what color to paint our front door! It’s been a faded red since we bought the house, which is a nice choice against the gray siding, but I’m not a huge fan of red in most situations, and besides, it needs to be refreshed. I mentioned in this post that I had decided to paint it black. Black is still a contender, and I know I never regret using a classic neutral color, as you can always add in pops of color with decor. But I also love the thrill of seeing a gorgeous complimentary jewel-toned door that perfectly matches a house. So, I’m searching for a color that fits; that’s not too bright and jarring, but not too boring either.

1 habitually chic maria killam

I’m heavily considering a beautiful emerald green, which is one of my all-time favorite colors when used well. It could look great against our dark-gray siding, but I would need to find the perfect hue that wouldn’t clash with the distinct blue undertones in the siding.

2 house beautiful

I also love a rich royal navy (which is incidentally the color I’m currently painting our tiny front vestibule. Would it be too much to have the door and the entryway the same color? (The inside of the front door is the original unpainted wood, while the outside is painted red. Strange, but I think we will keep it that way.) We’ve also considered stripping the front door, but maybe we will tackle that beast a few years down the road and just add another layer of paint right now, which I’m sure our future selves will curse us for endlessly.).

atlanta homes and lifestyles 3

But if I can’t find a good match, I’ll just go with the black, which will be pretty and classic no matter what. Whatever I choose, I also have to decide whether I want glossy or matte. Matte paint is so modern and definitely more popular right now, but the glossy oil paint looks jewel-like and comes out as hard as a rock, which I love.

Oh, decisions! Of course, I’ll let you know what I choose.

Sources: House Beautiful, Habitually Chic, Maria Killam, On Sutton Place, Atlanta Homes Mag, Pinterest

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