G is one!

We celebrated G’s first birthday this weekend! It’s so strange watching him grow up. A lot of me feels like he has been with us all along; like he is just a part of our family that was always meant to be with us. I can’t even imagine what it felt like to live in a world without him! Isn’t it weird how your priorities are completely rearranged when these little people come into your life? But for another little part of me, he is only that little tiny baby that came home with us a year ago. So it’s crazy that he’s now pretty much walking, saying a few words and trying to say lots of others, and has developed a real personality (and very clear likes and dislikes) of his own! I can’t even imagine how it’s going to feel when he’s 18 and I’m looking back over the years!

Since he’s just a little guy, we wanted to keep his party really simple. We invited all his aunts and uncles and grandparents, the neighbors who love him, and our friends to have a dinner picnic in the backyard. We made sandwiches (these and these), this delicious orzo salad (that I’ve been making for every event this summer), fresh veggies and fruit, chips and hummus, and my sweet mother-in-law made pulled pork and bruschetta. Most of it was make-ahead, so we saved ourselves a lot of last-minute stress! For decorations, we strung up garlands of little blue paper balls (from Target, but I can’t find them online), some twinkly white lights from our Christmas stash for after sunset, and made a backdrop of blue and green flag garlands for G to sit in front of when he smashed his cake. The cakes were all naked layer cakes, which I love, because they are supposed to look deconstructed and imperfect so they always look so good and like you know what you are doing, even if you really don’t (this girl).

G had lots of fun playing with all his visitors and some new toys. He was a little upset by the sticky cake all over his fingers, but we cleaned him up and he was just fine. Here are some pictures, if you’d like to see:

IMG_5584 IMG_5587





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