Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was very relaxing even though we had a lot to do. On Sunday, we hosted a barbecue (our first since moving into the house!) to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We ate a lot, played frisbee, and G took his first real steps in front of everyone! He’s still not quite walking, but he’s much braver now that he saw what he could do. He’s testing out one or two steps without holding on to anything a few times every day, and he’s practically running if he has one hand to brace himself on a wall or piece of furniture. This month is going to be interesting!

Here’s what I wore on Sunday. Now that I spend so much time chasing an almost one-year-old around, my wardrobe has been pared back to the simplest outfits. Instead of wishing for more time to put things together or more variety, I am actually loving the simplicity of getting dressed with no frills.

memorial day 2

On Monday, we went to  barbecue with a few of S’s coworkers, which was also a lot of fun. G loved meeting lots of new people, we ate more good food, and we saw a beaver dam. I wore a simple chambray shirtdress similar to this linen version from LLBean. I also broke out a pair of brown beaded espadrille wedges with a ribbon tie around the ankle that I have had since high school. I couldn’t find anything similar online, but these white sandals from Forever Soles on Etsy are beautiful, too.

memorial day

Black TShirt // Black Cardigan // Red Shorts // Black Flats (on sale!)

Shirtdress // Pearl Bracelet // Rope Belt // Espadrilles

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