Favorite Workout Videos

Does anyone else have a thing for at-home workout videos? Since G was born, or probably since the beginning of my pregnancy with G, I have started to loathe trekking to the gym to work out. I would so much rather go for a run or bike ride or do a workout from the comfort of my living room. But sometimes¬†it can be difficult to find a workout video that has everything I need. I prefer mine relatively short (30 minutes or less; naptimes are precious minutes!), but packing a serious punch (I want to be sore during and after, and definitely the next day), with straightforward moves that don’t require a lot of equipment or coordination (I don’t do¬†dancing workouts and I don’t want to own an entire home gym when I already pay for a membership). So, with those criteria, I have found a few workout videos that I love to pop on when I have a free minute.

Okay so…this girl is a little strange. Just do yourself a favor and skip all of her other videos, because you might see more than you bargained for. But after stumbling across this video this winter, I keep going back to it, because it really gives your abs a good workout and I saw results after doing it once a week for a month.

The title is corny, but let’s be honest, we would all love to have the arms (and entire bodies for that matter) of Victoria’s Secret models. Title aside, this video is a great workout and the host is upbeat without being annoying. I usually put this one on twice since it’s so short.

I just picked a random video from this girl, but I love everything she posts! I kind of want to be friends with her. I’ve done a lot of her videos, and some are really low key while others are challenging, but they are all really relaxing and give you a great workout at the same time.

If anyone has recommendations for other great at-home workouts, I’d love to hear them!

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