Green Room

I feel like I always have a million resolutions for the new year. Most of them are pretty generic, like the goal to de-clutter my house this year. I don’t see anything wrong with resolutions, even if they are generic and you don’t stick to them. They are usually positive thoughts, which are always a good thing, and at the very least they help you start the year off on the right foot.

I think one of the easiest ways to de-clutter is to stick to one bold accent color, get rid of everything that doesn’t match, and keep everything else neutral. The rooms below do a great job of sticking to one color palette, but they are anything but boring with the rich emerald and soft mint tones. There is nothing like a beautiful green hue to make everything seem tranquil and glamorous at the same time.


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Photos from Pinterest, The Decorista,Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire, Sadie & Stella.

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